Preliminary Steps for Civil Appeals: Information Handout


additional proceedings, it must serve its notice on the reporter and make the required deposit. (Rule 8.130(b)(1)(B).) 4. Cost of the reporter's transcript : Where the appellant has previously deposited the approximate cost of the transcript, the appellant will be billed directly by the reporter for the actual cost of the transcript. If the actual cost exceeds the amount of the deposit, the appellant must pay the additional cost directly to the reporter. (Rule 8.130(b)(1)(C).) If the actual cost is less than the amount of the deposit, the difference will be refunded to the appellant. (Rule 8.130(b)(1)(C).) 7 5. Transcript reimbursement fund : If the appellant is unable to pay the costs of the reporter's transcript, the appellant may apply to the superior court for reimbursement from the Transcript Reimbursement Fund. (Rule 8.130(c)(1).) The court administrator's office in each county administers the fund and processes applications from appellants who cannot afford to pay the cost of the reporter's transcript. (Rule 8.130(c).) The applications are available from the court administrator's office and must be filed in the superior court. (Rule 8.

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