Appellate Indigent Defense Oversight Advisory Committee

The Appellate Indigent Defense Oversight Advisory Committee (AIDOAC) provides the Chief Justice and administrative presiding justices with policy recommendations related to the Court-Appointed Counsel (CAC) program; audits court-appointed counsel claims; and provides ongoing review of compensation guidelines.

AIDOAC was appointed as a special committee of the Chief Justice in late 1990. Its membership includes one appellate court justice from each of the six appellate districts, two appellate project directors, a civil appellate practitioner, and a criminal appellate practitioner. Advisory members also may be appointed by the Chief Justice.


Hon. Jon B. Streeter (Chair), First Appellate District
Hon. Stacy Boulware-Eurie, Third Appellate District
Hon. Jennifer R.S. Detjen, Fifth Appellate District
Hon. Cynthia C. Lie, Sixth Appellate District
Hon. Michael J. Raphael, Fourth Appellate District
Hon. Maria E. Stratton, Second Appellate District
Mr. Rick Lennon, Executive Director, CAP-LA
Mr. Kent L. Richland, Greines, Martin, Stein & Richland, LLP
Ms. Laurel Thorpe, Executive Director, CCAP
Ms. Tonja R. Torres, Panel Attorney

Meeting Schedule

Four times per year in March, June, September, and December


Marcela Eggleton, Manager
Judicial Council of California
2860 Gateway Oaks Drive Suite 400
Sacramento, CA 95833

See the Court-Appointed Counsel page for information related to state court-appointed counsel, including forms and archived issues of the CAC Update newsletter.

Advisory member
Patrick McKenna, Executive Director, SDAP