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3rd District Programs

Court Outreach Program

The jurisdiction of the Court of Appeal, Third Appellate District, includes 23 counties and is the largest geographic district in the state. It extends over a part of northeastern California that is larger than the combined area of Connecticut, Delaware, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. In order to increase the public’s awareness of the intermediate appellate courts, and to educate students and residents living far away from the Court’s Sacramento courthouse, the Court Outreach Program was instituted in April 2000.

Mediation Program

The Court of Appeal, Third Appellate District launched the Appellate Mediation Program in October 2006 to speed case resolution and to reduce costs to the litigants and the court. Modeled after programs in the First and Fourth Appellate Districts, this program also provides facilities for mediation conferences and offers support staff to assist mediators and the parties.

Self Help Manual

Civil Appellate Practices and Procedures  for Self-Represented Litigants in the California Court of Appeal, Third Appellate District 

Statewide Appellate Programs

The District Courts of Appeal have programs that apply across the state.  Explore each of our programs below to see how you can participate or learn more.  

California Judicial Mentorship Program

This program assists in recruiting and developing a qualified and diverse applicant pool for service on the state’s courts of appeal. 

Court-Appointed Counsel Program

This program fulfills the constitutional mandate of providing adequate representation for indigent parties in the Courts of Appeal on noncapital cases.

Habeas Counsel (Prop 66)

The Courts of Appeal Seek Attorneys to Represent Inmates in Death Penalty-Related Habeas Corpus Proceedings

Additional Self Help Resources

For those seeking to understand how the appellate process works, view the short video or connect with additional resources on the Courts of Appeal Self-Help website.  The site may help anyone who is involved in an appeal, especially those without a lawyer who are representing themselves. 

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