Oral Argument Calendar

Oral Argument Calendars

Procedures for Oral Argument

If you are appearing for oral argument in the Third Appellate District, please review the Third Appellate District’s Procedures for Oral Argument, which were revised on July 10, 2024, and are subject to change without notice.

Procedures and Etiquette for Remote Appearances

While the court prefers oral argument be conducted in person, with recent technology updates the court now has the capability to conduct oral argument in the courtroom through video conferencing or a combination of in person and video appearances.  The court will no longer hold oral argument by telephone.  Request for telephonic oral argument will be treated as a request for remote appearance by video conference.  A remote hearing is a court proceeding, and it is the expectation that all those appearing before the court dress in professionally appropriate attire.  Additionally, participants are advised to be conscious of their background and are further encouraged to have an appropriate background or to use an appropriate virtual background.  Instructions for remote appearances may be viewed here.

Public Access to Oral Argument

Beginning with the December 2023 Term of Court, links to join the Third Appellate District’s audio-only live steam of oral arguments can be found on the court’s full text calendar.  There is a separate link for each day of oral argument. The full text calendar can be found above under the heading “Oral Argument Calendars."

    Policy on Electronic Devices in the Courtroom:

    Laptop computers and electronic tablets may be used in the court room but must be silenced and placed in “airplane mode” at all times. Such devices may be used by counsel or self-represented litigants only as an aid in presenting oral argument and cannot be used to display demonstrative evidence to the court or for any other purpose. Cellular telephones and other electronic devices are not permitted in the court room. No audio or video recording or photography is permitted in the court room except in compliance with California Rules of Court, Rule 1.150. Failure to comply with this policy will result in the violator being removed from the court room. 

    Court Holidays

    Visit the Court Holidays page.